Joan MacDonald


To those who think they can’t? I say you can! I completed this course 2 weeks before my 67th birthday! The IDI diploma was an accomplishment I wanted to cross off my bucket list. I now have the confidence to continue learning and improving my CAD and hand rendering skills. Who would have imagined learning CAD at this age?

The journey continues! And it all began with taking that first step and enrolling in The Interior Design Institute. Thanks Ashley and the IDI community.

Anita Thomas

Prince George

I would rate my experience with my teacher as very inspirational, supportive, and motivating. With her amazing advice and suggestions, this has helped me to want to improve myself further and it has motivated me to do more self-studies beyond what I have learned in order to be the best that I can be.

Overall, this course was very well laid out and informative. It has truly taught me a lot and I feel more confident now than I did going into the program. When I first applied for the program, I did it out of a passion for interior designing, but with the progression of the course my passion for interior designing grew even more and I have also gained a further curiosity for design materials and products that I did not have initially.

This course has broadened my enjoyment for design. Initially, I took the course just for furthering my personal knowledge but now I have gained an interest in going further with my knowledge and potentially beginning my own business in the future. Thank you to my teacher for making this experience rewarding and enjoyable.

Melanie Anne Howe


The past year of this course has been worth all the reading! I've gained so much knowledge and really enjoyed learning. Finishing this course and graduating means so much, and I am so thrilled as this is the first post-secondary school I've enrolled in.

The community has been so great as well; marks from the tutors are so personal and being able to message them and other students on Facebook anytime has been so comforting.

I am looking forward to learning more with advanced modules as well as my future career in interior design.


Samantha Vince


This course was a wonderful learning experience. The course is designed in a way to push you out of your comfort zone.

Even though it is an online program, your tutor and student support are with you every step of the way and available to answer any questions. The Facebook support group was a fundamental part of my learning process and also introduced me to many new people in the industry. I learned so much, and I feel with this foundation I have the confidence to start my career in interior design. I am also looking forward to continuing my education with advanced modules.

I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in interior design.


Alyssa Clapp


Prior to taking the 12-module course at the Interior Design Institute, I was studying 3D Art in college. Once I graduated from college, I found a passion for 3D architectural previsualization and interior design. After some research, I learned about the Interior Design Institute program; the reviews were encouraging, it is easily accessible (the course is all online), and you can work at your own pace, so I enrolled.

This course teaches you more than just “how to make a space pretty”; it teaches you the foundation of design as a whole, going in depth about colour and shape language, some history on architecture, the different styles in different eras, how to create floor plans, and much more.Each module teaches you something new. As you move forward through the course, you make connections to what you learned in the previous modules, giving you a great learning experience and a strong understanding of design. At the end of each module, there is an assignment. The assignments are fantastic learning tools. Some are more difficult than others and some make you work outside of your comfort zone but that’s the point! This course is designed to encourage you to be creative and innovative as you develop your skills.

If you have any interest or passion in design, I think this course is a great starting point for you. It can be the perfect foundation for designing your own space/home, an introduction into working as an interior designer or starting your own design business, or the beginning steps for learning design before moving onto another area of the design world. For me specifically, this course was perfect because I wanted to learn more about interior spaces to create a stronger and more knowledgeable 3D architectural previsualization portfolio and to seek employment in interior design. Now, after graduating from this program and with everything I have learned, I have gained confidence in becoming an exceptional designer.

Michelle Forster


I thoroughly enjoyed the course and believe having access to a tutor really helps the online learning experience!

The course covers a lot of material however the assignments are manageable and you really get a good understanding of what's required to launch into this industry.

Highly recommend the course!


Meghan Grieve


The Interior Design Institute has already changed my life, and I've only just graduated!

What started as a course that I decided to take "for fun" confirmed my passion and gave me the confidence to apply for a job as a Design Coordinator for a well-respected Toronto based interior design firm - which I got!

This course gave me a really thorough base knowledge across all spectrum's of design, and filled the gaps in my skill set (Arts and Real Estate background).

Every module was different than the last, which kept things interesting, and my tutor gave great feedback on each assignment which mirrored an in-class learning experience.

I didn't know what to expect but am so glad that I took the leap with this course and would highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in interior design! Thank you IDI!


Gabriela Arias Tapia


This course was the perfect way to find my career purpose in life.

My 20 year old self who studied fashion business and merchandising in college would have never believed I would end up in interior design as well.

I always knew I wanted to design fashion pieces and be a owner of my own boutique but never saw myself also designing homes let alone commercial spaces. Little did I know I was guided on the right path since day 1.

I made the right choice by buying an additional module that would take me one step further from the rest. Who knew merchandising would have a lot to do with the design of a commercial space? Now I have two diplomas and many certificates of courses I take upon myself to better my career.

Thank you IDI for this amazing opportunity, I have gained so much career confidence due to this course.

Sarah Olynick

Toronto, ON

I decided to take this course after completing a renovation on my own home. I always loved Interior Design and my family and friends always compliment me on the final result. I had never imagined taking it further than that.

After having two children, I wanted to take a different path in terms of a career so I researched different design courses and decided that The Interior Design Institute would provide me with what I desired. I wanted something informative and creative to do in my own time and at my own pace.

The course proved to fit perfectly into my lifestyle. My tutor provided me with excellent feedback after each assignment and if I ever had any questions she would respond promptly.

I was able to learn everything I needed to know about running an interior design business. As a result of this course a friend and I have joined forces to create an interior design business, Lusare Design. We have already completed three diverse design projects! This course has given me the added confidence to run a design business, without it, I wouldn't have half the knowledge needed to succeed.

Airla Vicentini

Cambridge, ON

I fell into the field of Interior Design rather accidentally but definitely not unintentionally. While I hold a degree in Psychology, I have always had a passion for design along with a natural instinct for placement, colour, and overall knack for creating harmony within a space.

After helping family and friends with renovation decisions and decoration of old homes, lofts, etc. I received many inquiries as to whether I would be interested in helping individuals within their homes and places of employment.

This is what kick-started my desire to potentially make this my career.

I knew that I wanted an education to back my business. I decided that The Interior Design Institute was as an excellent starting point; the help and feedback I received from my tutor, the materials and assignments that were covered in general, and the freedom, it gave me to work at my own pace was excellent. Through this course I found that I have extensive interest in home renovation.

After completing the course I have the added confidence in pursuing and furthering my career. I would highly recommend taking this course from The Interior Design Institute.

Thanks so much to my tutor for all your help and advice.

Lindy Goergen

Edmonton, AB

Last year, my husband and I bought a partially finished condo in Costa Rica. I found designing the kitchen and bathrooms great fun and discovered that as a drafter by trade, my drafting skills really helped with the space planning and details of the design. I thought that this might be a great avenue to explore.

I started looking for a course that would help me get into this area. I discovered The Interior Design Institute online and decided to try it out. I liked the fact that it was a Canadian course and was affordable.

This wonderfully fun course really opened my creative side. I now see design elements wherever I go that I would have never even noticed before. It has helped me blend my drafting, technical side with the creative side that I had but wasn't using to its potential.

I was excited to finish an assignment and see what the next module would be about.

I was fascinated with the architectural history of buildings and furniture and the detail and depth of all of the modules. I was also fascinated with the textile world. I had no idea what goes into creating different fabrics and textiles.

I felt that I really got involved with the design world. The assignments were challenging but I really worked hard on them. I think you can get so much out of this course if you really apply yourself.

The course was easy to access at anytime and it really got me using the internet for research. I, of course, bought loads of magazines and books too, which isn’t required but was a comfort to me.

My tutor, Wendi, was wonderful. I appreciated the encouragement, positive feedback and helpful suggestions from her. The student support team are very helpful and prompt at getting back to you with any questions or problems you have.

I am applying at Kitchen and Bathroom Design companies and also Commercial Interior Design companies, and feel this course will help me with getting a great job that I love.

Thank you for all of your help and providing me with all of this wonderful design knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend The Interior Design Institute.

Sadiya Qureshi

Pickering, ON

Interior Design has always been a passion of mine. Last year, I had my 'aha' moment and decided to do something about it, and enrolled in the Diploma course offered by the Interior Design Institute.

I found the course information, the website and the module descriptions very informative and felt that this course was the right fit for me. It allowed me to learn on my own time, at my own pace. My tutor was an invaluable help and source of support during my studies. Her feedback on my assignments and quick responses were extremely helpful to me and helped me to understand the lessons.

The program has taught me so much about design, and has given me the confidence to start my own design and decor business, Altona Design. I can now approach clients and jobs with confidence in my abilities.

Thank you to the Interior Design Institute for providing me an opportunity to gain knowledge and a skill set to help me to move forward in my new career path in Design and Decor. I would recommend anyone interested in design as a hobby or a career to take this program.

Kathy Wurz

Luseland, SK

I am extremely satisfied that I chose the Interior Design Institute to provide my education in Interior Design. I researched online opportunities in interior design and quickly came upon this one, which had a well laid out format and detailed curriculum. I loved that I was able to work at my own pace, which was critical for me given that I live in a rural Saskatchewan community and am raising three small children. I was unable to pursue my dream of a career in interior design with the current commitment of family. Luckily, I didn’t have to sacrifice anything to pursue my goals.

The Interior Design Institute has provided me with a solid foundation of design knowledge from the ground up. The course incorporates the history of design and architecture and the basic principles and elements of design. Each module builds upon the last, as you design a residential floor plan. My tutor was fantastic. She was quick to respond to questions and offered fundamental design advice, which I am sure will further my success as a designer. She was timely in marking assignments and the feedback was constructive and beneficial.

While taking the course, I partnered with an architectural technologist and started a business offering a compliment of architectural and interior design services. I am confident that my Diploma from the Interior Design Institute will provide me with the practical skills and knowledge to make my business a success.

Since completion of the course a realtor has approached me and would like to utilize my services to help her clients with home staging. She believes that partnering with me would be a benefit to her clients and help them get a better purchase price for their properties.

I have always felt that I had a creative flair and from a very young age rearranged and redecorated my room continually. However, I never had the confidence to pursue this dream until now. Thank-you Interior Design Institute for providing me with the expert knowledge and skill set needed to take on a new chapter in my life.

Erin Rowe

Nanaimo, BC

This is a wonderful program! As a mom of two young children making a career change to Interior Design was looking out of reach until I found the Interior Design Institute. IDI allowed me to obtain a Diploma in Interior Design while working full time at my job and fulfil my family obligations with my husband and children.

When I first started the course my goal was to compliment my newly created home staging business, located in Nanaimo, BC, with a Diploma in Interior Design. After completing this very thorough online course, I now have the confidence and tools to pursue Interior Design as a profession and am going to add it to the services offered by my business.

This course went above and beyond my expectations and has not only taught me everything I need to know about Interior Design but revived the skills I have acquired over many years of drawing, drafting, carpentry, furniture refinishing and much more.

The feedback from my tutor was both reassuring and constructive, full of insight into the world of Interior Design and allowed me to better understand the details of the processes involved in this industry. The assignments were not only fun to do but gave me a start on a portfolio and some excellent templates for future work. I would recommend this course to anyone with a passion for Interior Design wanting to hone in their talents, gain confidence and get a Diploma, you will not be disappointed!.

Stephanie Forsey

Dartmouth, NS

As a stay at home mom I didn't think I would be able to pursue my interest in interior design without going back to school full time, until I found The Interior Design Institute. I love being home with my daughter but was also looking for the right opportunity to expand on my interest in interior design, and that is exactly what the Interior Design Institute gave me. The fact that I could do this program on my own time and at my own pace was the deciding factor for me. I am extremely happy that I decided to do this course and I only wish I would have done it sooner.

Friends and family always compliment me on my home and design skills. Now with a great education form The Interior Design Institute I have more knowledge and am better equipped to take on even larger projects. When friends and family heard I was studying interior design they put me to work for them right away and now love their new spaces.

During this course I could not have asked for a better tutor. She was very informative, gave great guidance and was always helpful and prompt in answering questions and marking assignments. Her feedback was always positive and she offered tips and ideas that I loved. She definitely did a great job at boosting my confidence in this field.

In the beginning I was only doing this course to enhance my design hobby, but the further I went, and the more assignments I did I could see this becoming something bigger than a hobby. There were times I could not wait to finish one assignment just to see what I would learn next. After finishing this course I feel I have the knowledge and information to make Interior Design my new career choice and not just a hobby. With this new knowledge and set of skills I look forward to all that the world of Interior Design has to offer.

Melanie R. Young

Abbotsford, BC

I have enjoyed working with The Interior Design Institute team. This online course was very convenient as I could work at my own pace with no pressure. It's interactive assignments covered many areas of Interior Design that gave me a thorough understanding of creating a design from start to finish and communicating with the trades and clients. I also had a lot of fun with the colour and fabric interactive assignments.

The student support was very quick to respond and helpful if I needed them. Throughout the assignments my tutor, Wendi made useful suggestions and shared her tactics which I was able to use with my clients right away.

I gained confidence as I completed each assignment, which encouraged me to register my business and start promoting myself. I have gained 3 new clients in a short time and feeling more confident with each new client. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to learn or expand on any aspect of design. Enjoy!


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Excellent course !!!

Excellent course !!!

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The Interior Design Institute is a "World Wide" recognized Design Institue!

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